CS302 -- Data Structures / Algorithms II: Fall, 2018

Lecture: TR: 11:10 AM - 12:25 PM in MK524

Professor: James S. Plank

MK320. jplank@utk.edu. Office hours by appointment only.



There are three labs for this course:

Lab attendance is mandatory.



Because I am disgusted by textbook prices, we will not have any text book. Check the lecture notes instead.

If you would like reference material on fundamental algorithms, try any of the Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis books by Mark Allen Weiss. Grab any edition -- this material does not go stale with time -- save yourself money instead.

If you would like reference material on C++, try Teach Yourself C++ by Herbert Schildt. Less than a buck on Amazon.

Neither of these texts is mandatory.

Class Goals

The following are the goals that I have set for teaching this class -- they represent what I'd like you all to get out of the class. When the semester is over, go over this list, and see how well these goals were met. If you feel like it, send me email with comments -- it's more useful after the semester than in the middle of it, I think.

  1. To further master fundamendal programming with C++.
  2. To understand fundamental algorithms.
  3. To understand basic algorithm analysis.