This page will hold additional information and links relevant to the three programming projects.
Programming projects are large undertakings, please save yourself stress and start early.

Submission Utility
Code Submission
Git Registration Client

Test Enviornment
Virtual machine image and login creds (Legacy)
The user name and password are in a text file in the archive
QCOW2 version of the VM (Legacy)
LARGE SPACE QCOW2 version of the VM (The one I am using)

Programming Assignment 1
Date Released: Aug 23rd
Date Due: Sept 27th at 23:59:59
Programming Assignment 1 Write Up
Test Key and Input Files (tgz)

Programming Assignment 2
Date Released: Sept 30th
Date Due: Nov 1st at 23:59:59
Programming Assignment 2 Write Up
Test Public Key
Test Private Key

Programming Assignment 3
Date Released: Nov 4th
Date Due: Dec 3rd at 23:59:59
Programming Assignment 3 Write Up