COSC 340: Software Engineering

Fall 2020

Tue/Thu 4:30-5:45
Instructor: Austin Henley (
TAs: Dylan Lee, Julian Ball, Ben Klein, Alex Lambert



Check frequently for updates. Links to video lectures can be found on Canvas.

Week 0 - 8/20 Introduction (slides)
Form groups (GitHub)
Week 1 - 8/24 Project details (document)
Set up development environment (videos: Windows, Linux)
Project Iterations (slides)
Week 2 - 8/31 Guide to iterations (document)
Iteration grading rubric (document)
Software Engineering Process (slides)
GUIs with Python and Qt (examples)
Iteration 1 begins (9/3)
Week 3 - 9/7 Usability Engineering (slides part 1, part 2)
Optional reading: The Design of Everyday Things (excerpt)
Week 4 - 9/14 Software Requirements (slides)
Optional reading: Books I recommend (web)
Demo of using Python and PyQt (video)
Iteration 2 begins (9/17)