CS494/594 -- Presentation Order

James S. Plank

Fall, 2021

Below are the requirements for your presentations, plus suggestions. After that, I have the order of presentations, and your assignments.

You may give one of two types of presentations:


For Topcoder Presentations: For Algorithm Presentations:


You can look up solutions to your algorithm/topcoder problems online. This is more about the presentation than the fact that you solved the problem.

You cannot lift graphics, either from my hints or from any other source. Do your own graphics and customize them for your talk.

If you want to talk things over, go to office hours or schedule a time to talk with the TA or with me.

Repeat after me: "Pictures are better than text." "Pictures are better than text." "Pictures are better than text."

Presentation Order

9/21       isikkema -- Sikkema, Isaac            Line Intersection & Apps
9/23       akrneta  -- Krneta, Alexander         His solution to Board Folding
9/23       jgreatho -- Greathouse, John          ./Writeups/Probability/RandomPancakeStack.html
9/28       jcarmac3 -- Carmack, John             LZ77 Compression
9/28       zcreech  -- Creech, Zachery           http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2018/StonesOnATree/index.html
10/5       czheng4  -- Zheng, Chaohui            Aho Corasick Algorithm
10/5       sbauman2 -- Baumann, Samuel           ./Writeups/Bit_Arithmetic/OrderOfOperations.html
10/7       ncreech1 -- Creech, Nicholas          ./Writeups/Dynamic/SubdividedSlimes.html
10/7       cadkin17 -- Adkins, Cameron           http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2018/Subgraphs/index.html
10/12      erush3   -- Rush, Everett             http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2018/FrogSquare/index.html
10/12      chathawa -- Hathaway, Clark           FFT Anything
10/14      hkitts2  -- Kitts, Hunter             FISR (Fast Invers Square Root)
10/14      wrhodes2 -- Rhodes, William           ./Writeups/Dynamic/BuildingHeights.html
10/21      nparsly  -- Parsly, Nicholas          http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2015/MaliciousPath/index.html
10/26      bhorsbur -- Horsburgh, Brian          ./Writeups/Dijkstra/BuildingRoutes.html
10/26      rpatel64 -- Patel, Ravi               Range Minimum Query + Lowest Common Ancestor
10/28      cchen67  -- Chen, Cheng               http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2013/FoxAndGo2/index.html
10/28      spatel91 -- Patel, Shreyank           http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2007/FloorBoards/index.html
11/2       jclar168 -- Clark, Joseph             Algorithm X
11/2       mhasan22 -- Hasan, Mdariful           Crystal stuff, beginning of November
11/4       lharri73 -- Harris, Landon            Hungarian Algorithm
11/9       tcultice -- Cultice, Tyler            AONT-RS
11/9       hfarahat -- Farahat, Hadeer           Parallel Prime Factorization
11/9       jmandzak -- Mandzak, Joshua           http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2017/DFSCount/index.html
11/11      rdylewsk -- Dylewski, Racheal         http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2014/TreesAnalysis/index.html
11/16      jananth2 -- Anantharaj, Joshua        Bayesian Optimization
11/16      rstewa35 -- Stewart, Ryan             AES
11/16      ndrake1  -- Drake, Nickolas           K means clustering
11/18      rrusitan -- Rusitanmu, Rus            http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2018/FindThePerfectTriangle/index.html
11/18      zliu68   -- Liu, Ziming               Reinforcement Learning
11/23      ajone239 -- Jones, Austin             http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2018/DigitStringDiv1/index.html
11/30      nwest13  -- West, Nicholas            Shank's babystep-giantstep algorithm
11/30      robdgrif -- Griffith, Robert          Splay Trees

12/03      wcoar    -- Coar, Lillian             Perlin Noise
12/03      cparmale -- Parmalee, Corinne         ./Writeups/Set/GreaterGame.html
12/03      khuckaba -- Huckabay, Katherine       Pancake sorting
12/03      arutter1 -- Rutter, Aiden             http://web.eecs.utk.edu/~jplank/topcoder-writeups/2017/PolygonRotation/index.html
12/03      dlowe13  -- Lowe, Douglas             K Nearest Neighbor