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It has been brought to my attention that some of you are not reading the book... It is your responsibility to read the book and ask questions about what you find confusing. You should have read chapters 1,2,3 by October 5 (preferably sooner).

Homework 1 due September 2 (before 11:59 pm)

Homework 2 due September 21 (before 11:59 pm)

Homework 3 due October 5 (before 11:59 pm)

Homework 4 due October 23 (before 11:59 pm)

Handout 1   probability space

Handout 2   Examples: Homework 1 (and extra credit)

Handout 3   Examples: Homework 3

Handout 4   Midterm study guide   MIDTERM: In class, October 14.