Eve Penguin Welcome to the Introduction to Cybersecurity (COSC 366) course website.

This course will examine the challenges of designing and implementing secure software and distributed systems. The class focuses on how to define security properties and how adversaries approach undermining those properties. By learning to think like an adversary, students will be able to examine existing systems for vulnerabilities and design their own secure systems.


  • Piazza Forum Live

    A class forum is live on Piazza, you need to sign up at the following link: Sign Up. The course code is "3662020". I strongly prefer that course questions are asked there, given that if you have the question, odds are two others in the class have the same question and want the same answer.

Important Dates

E Jan 30 : Exercise Set 1 Due
E Feb 13 : Exercise Set 2 Due
P Feb 22 : Programming Assign 1 Due
T Feb 25 : Midterm Exam
E Mar 12 : Exercise Set 3 Due
E Mar 26 : Exercise Set 4 Due
E Apr 9 : Exercise Set 5 Due
E Apr 23: Exercise Set 6 Due
P Apr 24 : Programming Assign 2 Due
T May 1 : Final Exam