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Invited Speakers:
Inderjit Dhillon, Texas
Chris Ding, NERSC
Kyle Gallivan, Florida State
Liz Jessup, Colorado
Jim Martin, Colorado
Haesun Park, Minnesota
Bill Pottenger, Lehigh
Axel Ruhe, Chalmers (Sweden)
Padma Raghavan, Penn State
Jason Wu, Boeing
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This one-day workshop focuses on the current challenges in automated indexing and text retrieval with particular emphasis on the development of future mathematical algorithms and software. Preceding the Seventh SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra (LAOO), this workshop will address the roles applied mathematicians and computer scientists can play in the design of future information retrieval (IR) systems.

Click here for photos taken at CIR'00.

Luncheon Speaker:
Bryan Baker, Oingo
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Titles of Invited Talks:
B. Baker, Meaning-Based Applications: Harnessing Semantic Computation and an Ontology for a More Intelligent Search (Abstract)
I. Dhillon, Concept Decompositions for Large-Scale Information Retrieval (Abstract)
C. Ding, A Probabilistic Model for LSI/SVD in Information Retrieval (Abstract)
K. Gallivan, Applications of Incremental Dominant Singular Subspaces (Abstract)
L. Jessup, J. Martin, Applications of Orthogonal Decomposition in Information Retrieval (Abstract)
H. Park, Dimension Reduction in Vector Space Based Information Retrieval Using Least Norm (Abstract)
B. Pottenger, Detecting Emerging Conceptual Contexts in Data Mining (Abstract)
P. Raghavan, Symbolic Preprocessing Techniques for Information Retrieval Using Vector Space Models (Abstract)
A. Ruhe, Information Retrieval Using Short Krylov Sequences (Abstract)
J. Wu, Information Retrieval and Classification with Subspace Representations (Abstract)

Titles of Contributed Talks:
J. Caron (UCAR), Applying LSA to Online Customer Support: A Trial Study (Abstract)
P. Husbands (NERSC), On the Use of the Singular Value Decomposition for Text Retrieval (Abstract)
J. Kogan (UMBC), Clustering Large Unstructured Document Sets (Abstract)
F. Sartoretto (Venezia), A Comparative Analysis of LSI Strategies (Abstract)
R. Walker (UCLA), Dynamic Load Balancing Model: Design and Validation of a Biological Model for a Parallel Pseudo-Search (Abstract)

One particular goal of this workshop is to present a taxonomy of current algorithms used in IR systems and WWW-based search engines. In addition to the distinguished invited speakers listed above, we encourage all LA00 attendees to register for this important workshop which can facilitate an open discussion on the future development of automated indexing.

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Raleigh Skyline
Raleigh Skyline
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The workshop, sponsored by Boeing, M-CAM, SIAM, and Telcordia Technologies will take place on Sunday, October 22, 2000 at the McKimmon Conference Center on the campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. An edited volume of invited and contributed papers presented in this workshop is anticipated.

The workshop registration fee of $30.00 covers the cost of all workshop handouts, breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch on Sunday, October 22.

Organizer: Michael W. Berry, Department of Computer Science, Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville

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SIAM Boeing
National Sci. Foundation Telcordia Technologies Inc.
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