High Places Community Church, which owns the Grove Theater, is raising funds for ongoing renovation projects to ensure that its facilities are accessible to everyone. The Grove is already among the more accessible venues in our area, but there are still some barriers.

The most serious problem is that there is no fully accessible bathroom stall in the men's bathroom. The stall doors are wide enough, and one stall has parallel bars, but none of them have enough space to fit a wheelchair either in front of or beside the toilet.

In the main theater, there is plenty of level space for wheelchairs, though it is all close to the stage. For Cumberland Music Association shows, there are normally plenty of folding chairs in this area next to the wheelchair spaces.

In Theater #3, the smaller theater next to the main theater, there is level space for wheelchairs behind the fixed seats, where folding chairs can be set up for companion seating. There is also space in the middle of the auditorium, but it is on a slight incline. Due to the incline, folding chairs cannot be set up there.

There may be other examples of ADA noncompliance as well, but we believe these are the most serious issues. We apologize to anyone using a wheelchair who finds it difficult or impossible to attend a concert because of these problems.

Please contact us if there is anything we can do to make your attendance easier.