Evolution, Jung, and Theurgy:
IV. Some Implications for Neoplatonism

G. The Impassivity of the Gods

We can also see that the gods (archetypes) are impassive because our personal experiences do not affect our genotypes.  Therefore the gods do not change as a result of our personal experiences; in anthropomorphic terms, they do not respond to us as individuals or remember us, and they relate to us only as members of the human species.  (Evolution is considered later.)  (Similarly, our gross neural structure is unaffected by experience, except through injury, disease, etc.  When these do occur, however, they may result in changes to the way the archetypal Ideas present to us.  The victim’s μανία may place them in a special relation to divinity.)  Although the gods are impassive, they nevertheless may enter into each of our lives at different times and in different ways (as archetypes are activated at different times and in different ways).  This individual interaction is mediated by the ψυχή, which thus plays an essential role in our congress with the archetypal gods.

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