CS140 -- Lab 0

You should go through the Unix tutorial and start learning vi. See the lecture notes on Unix, etc for pointers to that material and see the quick vi notes for a useful summary of vi commands.

For this "lab", your assignment is simple:

Part 0: Accounts

Make sure that you have joined the class' Piazza site. Also make sure that you have a topcoder account (topcoder.com). TopCoder does not allow passwords that are longer than 30 characters, but they won't warn you about it, so please make sure you choose a password that is less than 30 characters.

Part 1: Create a private directory for cs140

Log onto a lab machine, and create a directory in your home directory called cs140. Use lower-case for the "cs". Then protect that directory so that you have read and write access to it, but no one else does. If that last sentence confuses you, remember to read the tutorial on chmod which is part of the lecture notes.

Part 2: Put a picture of yourself in your home directory

I'm sure you have a jpg of a picture of yourself somewhere. Copy it to your home directory using scp or ftp, or even email and saving. Whatever, store it in the file me.jpg in your home directory and make sure that it is readable by the world. I've got mine in my home directory (/home/bvz/).

Part 3: Create a file called me.txt with some personal information

Use vi to create a text file called me.txt that has the following information: Format it however you want. Create it from scratch, and do not copy it. Below is an example of mine.

Put this file in the directory cs140 -- this is so that other people cannot view it.

To submit this lab

You will submit this lab on Canvas. Follow the labs link and submit using the Lab 0 link.

For this lab, we'll have you submit your cs140 directory. To do so:

  1. Navigate to it (cd ~/cs140/), verify that your me.txt is in the folder as instructed in part 3.
  2. Create a tar file for the directory by typing the commands:
    cd ../
    tar cvf lab0.tar cs140
    The "cd ../" command takes you back out of the directory to the parent directory.
  3. Submit the lab0.tar file to Canvas.
The TAs will then verify that your directory and me.jpg have the proper permissions and that you are on both Piazza and TopCoder.