1. (25 points) You can execute my BoxLayoutDemo.jar file if you have any doubt about whether or not a student's solution is working.
    1. (5 points) The layout should be horizontal
    2. (10 points) The buttons should be divided into two groups with group 1 consisting of buttons 1, 2, and 3 and group 2 consisting of buttons long-named button 4 and 5. If the window is made bigger, group 1 should cling to the left side of the window and group 2 should cling to the right side of the window.
    3. (10 points) Within each group there should be 20 pixels of space between each pair of buttons.

  2. (75 points): You can execute my SliderApp.jar file if you have any doubts as to whether or not a student's solution is accurate. Within each category use your judgment in deciding how many partial credit points to assign
    1. (40 points) MVC organization. The program is appropriately divided into different classes/interfaces based on the MVC model.

    2. (35 points) Gauge view
      1. (10 points) Initial presentation: The gauge looks like the gauge in my SliderApp.jar file.
      2. (10 points) Behavior: When you click and drag the mouse within 10 pixels of the endpoint of the needle, the needle follows the cursor around the gauge and the endpoint of the needle stays pegged to the gauge's boundary. Conversely, if you click and drag ore than 10 pixels from the endpoint of the needle, nothing should happen.
      3. (8 points) Gauge updates: When the needle moves, the remaining views have their values updated.
      4. (7 points) Slider updates: When the slider view is updated, the gauge view is updated.