CS461 -- Compilers

Brad Vander Zanden


Professor: Brad Vander Zanden


Richard Edwards


Required : Programming Language Pragmatics, 3rd Ed. Michael L. Scott.

What's My Grade?

Grades will be calculated as a weighted average of the following three items. These weights are subject to change at the instructor's discretion:
	Homework Assignments		10%
	Project				40%
	Midterm (Mar. 10)		25%
	Final				25%

What Topics Does The Course Cover?

  1. Lexical analysis and parsing

  2. Semantic analysis (how to catch errors, such as undeclared identifiers, mismatched types, wrong number of arguments passed to a function, etc.)

  3. Implementation issues for different language constructs, such as loops, functions, objects, etc.

  4. Memory layout and management

  5. Code generation

  6. Runtime environments