Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date. You may hand it in late by 5pm in Thomas Hooper's mailbox and receive a 10 point deduction. After that you will receive a 0.

hw1Tues. 9/15solutions
hw2Tues. 9/29solutions
hw3: The algorithm analysis problems on lab 5  
hw4 Mon. 10/26 @ 2:30pm. No late submissions accepted.
  1. Monday labs -- Turn in the homework in lab.
  2. Friday lab -- Either turn in the homework in one of the Monday labs or place the homework in Thomas Hooper's mailbox in Claxton 203 before the deadline.
hw5Tues. 11/24 solutions
hw6Thurs. 12/3 at 12 noon solutions