CS140 -- Labs

  1. Lab Assignments
  2. Lab Submission Info
  3. Lab Grading
  4. How to Get Lab Help
  5. General Stuff
  6. Lab Attendance
  7. Late Labs
  8. Plagiarism Policy
  9. Commenting and Program Style

Lab Assignments

The dates in the following table are tentative. They could change depending on the pace at which material gets presented in the course. Your lab score will be determined as follows:

  1. Labs 0 and 0.5 are worth 50 points each.
  2. Labs 1-4 and 6-11 are worth 100 points each. Lab 5 is worth 200 points.
  3. The total of these labs is 1200 points. Your lab score will be determined as:
          lab percentage = lab score / 1200 * 100
    You can see that in effect one lab is an extra credit lab. Alternatively, if something comes up, such as an illness, something at work, the need to attend a conference, multiple exams in one week, etc., you do not have to submit a lab.
  4. Because I have built in a one lab cushion, please do not ask for any extensions. The answer will be no.

Lab 0 Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, January 13
Lab 0.5 - Gold.cpp: The warm-up lab Due 11:59:59 PM, Friday, January 16
Lab 1 - Checkerboard & Moonglow Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, January 20
Lab 2 - Fun with PGM files Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, January 27
Lab 3 - More fun with PGM files Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, February 3
Lab 4 - Hash tables with open addressing Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, February 10
Lab 5 - Bit Matrices
  1. All methods in Bitmatrix and BM_Hash: Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, February 17, 2015
  2. Sum, Product, Sub_Matrix, and Inverse: Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, February 24
Lab 6 - Keno! Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, March 3
Lab 7- A server to process codes
  1. Partial Submission: Due 11:59:59 PM, Friday, March 13, 11:59:59 PM. See lab write-up for which methods are due and which test cases must work for the partial submission.
  2. Complete Lab: Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, March 24
Lab 8 - Linked Lists Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, March 31
Lab 9 - Recursion (Shape Shifter!!) Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, April 7
Lab 10 - Binary Search Trees Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, April 14
Lab 11 - AVL Trees Due 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, April 21

Lab Submission Info

You will submit your code using the 140_submit script. You will be shown in lab how to use this script.

Lab Grading

Your lab grade will be determined as follows:

How to Get Lab Help

There are three ways to get lab help:

  1. Visit me during my office hours (MK 312 Mondays from 2-4) or make an appointment.
  2. Visit the TAs in the programming clinic during their office hours. See the TA web page for their office hours.
  3. Post a question to Piazza. This is the best way to get help during non-office hours, and during the evening and the weekends. Please do not post code publicly to Piazza. If you have a query about code, please make it a private post to me and the TAs. When you make a private query about code, please post all of your code, not just a code snippet. It is usually impossible to debug a program from a code snippet since it is almost always the case that the bug occurred somewhere else in the program and is only manifesting itself in that snippet of code.

Please remember that both the TAs and I have obligations outside this class, and do not expect immediate answers to your Piazza questions. We will do our best to monitor Piazza and answer questions as expeditiously as possible. On evenings and weekends you may well be on your own but everyone in the class is strongly encouraged to answer Piazza questions. When it comes time to adjust borderline grades, I will look favorably on those of you who have actively answered questions on Piazza.

General Stuff

Lab Attendance

Lab attendance is mandatory for the entire time of the lab. Each lab has either an in-class lab or a number of top coder questions for you to complete. If you complete the top coder questions, then you should start on the current week's lab assignment. If you have a time conflict throughout the semester (e.g., a class conflict) that does not allow you to attend the entire lab period please get an excused absence from me.

Late Labs

You can submit your lab up until 3 days after the due date but 10 points per day will be deducted from your final score. As I indicated earlier, please do not ask for extensions. If you plan your time well, you should have the lab pretty much complete before the last day. If you put off the lab to the last minute and then something comes up, such as an illness, then you will need to submit the lab late. Also, please give yourself several minutes before the midnight deadline to submit to Blackboard. If you try to submit at 11:59pm and for some reason it does not submit properly, you will lose 10 points for lateness.

Plagiarism Policy

You must write your labs alone. Obviously, you may talk about your labs with the TA's and with other students, but ultimately you must write your own code. Otherwise, it is plagiarism.

A few notes:

Commenting and Program Style

In the real world your program will not be a one-and-done affair like it is in this course. Instead other people may have to maintain it after you have moved on to other projects. You therefore want to always strive to make your code as readable and well-organized as possible. Here are the thoughts of a number of people on writing clean code. I expect you to read each of their opinions, especially mine! The grading of your code will be based on a composite of these three pieces. Please note that non-meaningful variable names, especially one letter names, are a special pet peeve of mine and you will lose points for using such names.

  1. Writing Nice Code by Prof. Ian Horswill, Northwestern University and Prof Lynne Parker, Univ. of Tennessee.
  2. Commenting Your Code by Prof. James Plank, University of Tennessee.
  3. Writing Clean Code by Prof. Brad Vander Zanden, University of Tennessee.