CS365 -- Programming Language Design and Implementation

Brad Vander Zanden


Professor: Brad Vander Zanden


Thomas Hooper

Kristy Van Hornweder

Bo Yu


Required : Programming Language Pragmatics, 3rd Ed. Michael L. Scott.

Optional : Any reference book on Java. If you want suggestions I would try either Java2: A Beginner's Guide or Java2: The Complete Reference, both of which are written by Herbert Schildt.

If you're looking to save money and want an online source check out Sun's Java tutorial site. I also make extensive use of Sun's Java API. It's next to impossible to remember all the methods that each of Java's classes offers and it's typically easier to click to the API rather than reach for a book.

What's My Grade?

Grades will be calculated as a weighted average of the following three items. These weights are subject to change at the instructor's discretion:
	Homework Assignments		25%
	Project				25%
	Midterm (Mar. 4)		25%
	Final				25%

What Topics Does The Course Cover?

  1. Object-oriented programming

  2. Event-based programming

  3. Lexical analysis and parsing

  4. Functional languages

  5. Scripting languages

  6. Implementation issues (throughout the semester)