Homework 2 Grading Guide

For each problem, subtract 25 points if the jar file doesn't work. Tell the student they have 3 days to correct the jar problem and get it back to you.
  1. 20 points: You will need to manually check the student's source code for parts a-c. You can check part d by running it with an input file. For parts a-c, just check quickly to make sure that the student did what I asked of them. You don't need to check the quality of the code.
    1. part a (4 points)
    2. parts b: 4 points
    3. 12 points: The program runs correctly, which means it produces the correct output and that it accepts input from stdin

  2. 80 points Look for the following elements:
    1. 50 points: The handicaps are correctly computed
    2. 15 points: The handicaps are sorted in ascending order (subtract 3 points if they're in descending order)
    3. 5 points: The handicaps are padded to 5 characters and have 2 decimal points.
    4. 10 points: Quickly scan their code and make sure that they:
      1. Used maps rather than linked lists for storing courses and golfers
      2. Used for-each loops rather than iterators