Homework 3 Grading Guide

  1. 5 points
  2. 5 points
  3. 5 points

  4. (25 points): Deduct 15 points if Queue is not declared as an interface.
    1. 7 points: Check their Queue.java file and make sure it implements the specified functions. Use your judgement for any deductions.
    2. 7 points: Deduct 5 points for not using an ArrayList. Otherwise scan their ArrayQueue.java to make sure that it implements the Queue interface. Use your judgement for any deductions.
    3. 4 points: Declared the variable as a Queue and not as an ArrayQueue.
    4. 7 points3: The program produces the correct output.

  5. (60 points):
    1. Part a (20 points): Award 20 points if the student's answer looks reasonably similar to mine. If the class hierarchy is similar to mine, but there are significant differences in where the methods are defined or where they are declared abstract, then award 6 points. If the class hierarchy differs significantly from mine, then still award up to 6 points if where the methods are defined and where they are declared abstract makes sense in your judgement.
    2. Part b (5 points)
    3. Parts c/d (35 points): Program correctness:
      1. (10 points): Can create all 5 shapes--lines, rectangles, text, ovals, and roundtangles
      2. (4 points): colors work correctly
      3. (3 points): objects are positioned properly (including lines)
      4. (5 points): objects have the right dimensions (width and height)
      5. (3 points): text strings display their string properly
      6. (1 points): roundtangles are drawn with the proper arc size
      7. (5 points): the contains point methods work accurately
      8. (4 points): objects print out properly (i.e., with the shape's name, location, and dimensions)
    4. (-3 points) If each class is not in its own file, deduct 3 points.