Scripts and Utilities -- Tcl/Tk links file (for use during the lecture)


mkdir tlctk-dir
cd tcltk-dir
cp /lymon/homes/cs300/Tcl/* .

Getting Started With Tcl/Tk


Sample Tcl/Tk Applicatins

wish ping
wish timer

Playing with the Interpreter

set a "Brad Vander Zanden"
puts stdout "My name is $a"
puts stdout {My name is $a}
set date [exec date]
puts "$a gave this lecture on $date"

Examining Code

  1. open ping
    text .test -width 10 -height 5 -bd 5 -relief sunken
    text .test2 -width 30 -height 5 -bd 10 -relief raised
    pack .test -side left
    pack .test -side top
    pack .test -side right
    pack .test -side bottom
    pack .test2 -side left
    pack .test2 -side right
    pack .test2 -side top
    pack .test2 -side bottom

  2. augmented ping

  3. open timer