Graduate Student Project

If you are registered for a 5xx version of the course (565, 593, 594), then you will be implementing the case study described in Appendix B.I entitled "The University Accommodation Office Case Study." You will need to

  1. Design and implement the database using mysql. Please use the database account that you were assigned for this course.

  2. To design and implement the database, you will need to design and implement a set of relations, populate them with example data, and test the sample query transactions in B.1.2.

  3. You should prepare a short document prepared using a word processor that contains the following information:

    1. The relations you created, along with the fields and data types for each relation. The easiest way to present this information is to provide a nicely formatted transcript of your CREATE TABLE SQL commands, since they will also show us your primary and foreign keys.
    2. The data that you created for each of your relations. A nicely formatted set of tables would be appropriate for this section.
    3. An entity-relationship diagram that shows the relationships which you identified between the relations
    4. The set of indices you decided to create and your rationale for creating each of the indices

  4. You will submit your database project by demoing it for Tiantian Gao. The demo will consist of showing him the sample data in your relations and demoing the queries from B.1.2. You will need to see him during office hours or set up an appointment with him to demo the database. You should print out and bring your descriptive document with you to the demo and give it to Tiantian at that time.