Lecture Notes

Important: The dates and the assigned readings are tentative until a few days before the actual class so you should make sure you check this site regularly. Chapter assignments refer to chapters in the Connolly and Begg textbook.

Date Topics Assigned Readings
8/23 Course Overview and Introduction to Databases Chapter 1
8/28 Introduction to Data Modeling Chapter 2
8/30 The Relational Model Chapter 4
9/4, 6 SQL: Data Manipulation
  1. w3schools SQL Tutorial. Read all the SQL Basic, play with the SQL demo, and read the following topics in the advanced section:
    • SQL Order By
    • SQL and & or
    • SQL In
    • SQL Between
    • SQL Join
    • SQL Create
  2. My SQL Notes
  3. Chapter 6 (skim)
9/11 SQL: Data Definition Chapter 7
9/13 Relational Algebra Chapter 5.1
9/18, 20 Catchup Day None
9/20, 25 Entity-Relationship Modeling Chapter 12
9/27, 10/2 Normalization Chapter 14
10/4 Physical Database Design Chapter 23
10/9 Midterm Exam None
10/11 Fall Break None
10/16 Introduction to Scripting Languages perl 1
10/18 Perl Basics
10/23, 10/25 (Engineers Day), 10/30 Regular Expressions
  1. PHP Tutorial-Read the PHP Basics section through PHP functions
  2. Introduction to PHP
  3. Getting Started in PHP
  4. Brad's Cliff Notes Version of PHP
  5. Geoff Mazeroff's Cliff Notes Version of PHP
PHP Basics
11/6 Creating xhtml forms XHTML forms
  1. PHP Tutorial
    • Read the PHP Basics section from PHP Forms to the end
    • PHP Cookies
    • PHP Sessions
  2. Handling Forms
Handling Forms and Session Management in PHP
  1. PHP SQL-Read the PHP SQL section up to MySQL Delete.
  2. my PHP SQL notes
PHP interface to mySQL
  1. w3 schools JavaScript notes up to, and including, JS Validation.
  2. my JavaScript notes
Introduction to JavaScript
  1. Arrays, Functions, and Objects
  2. w3 schools JS Objects. First go to "Learn JavaScript" and then to "JS Objects".
  3. w3 schools "Learn HTML DOM".
More JavaScript Fundamentals and Introduction to the HTML DOM
11/22 Thanksgiving  
  1. w3 schools JS HTML DOM. First go to "Learn JavaScript" and then to "JS HTML DOM".
  2. Forms and form validation
  3. Regular Expressions
JS HTML DOM, Forms and Regular Expressions
  1. w3schools Ajax tutorial
  2. My Ajax notes
12/4 Catch Up