Homework Assignments

All assignments are due at the beginning of class unless otherwise noted in the Due column. You must complete all the exercises but only selected problems in the homework may be graded.
hw1Thurs. 8/28solutions
hw2Thurs. 9/4solutions
  1. Paper-and-pencil questions (1&2): Thurs. 9/18
  2. Xilinx ISE questions (3): Thurs. 9/25
hw4Thurs. 9/25solutions
hw5Thurs. 10/2solutions
hw6Tues. 10/14solutions
hw7Thurs. 10/23solutions
hw8Thurs. 11/6solutions
hw9Thurs. 11/13solutions
hw10Thurs. 11/20solutions
hw11Tues. 12/2solutions