Homework Assignments

  1. assignments
  2. submission instructions
  3. late policy


You should work individually on homework assignments. You may discuss the problems with other students but your solutions must be your own. The penalties for plagiarism will be determined by the instructor, and may vary from receiving a 0 on the assignment to an F on the course.

HW Number Due Date Solutions
HW 1 Tues. Feb. 2 at 11:59pm solutions
HW 2--One partner allowed
  1. Problem 1: Wed. Feb. 10 at 11:59pm (submit as lab 2a)
  2. Problems 2&3: Tues. Feb. 16 at 11:59pm (submit as lab 2b)
HW 3--One partner allowed
  1. Problem 1: Tues. Feb. 23 at 11:59pm (submit as lab 3a)
  2. Problem 2: Fri. Feb. 26 at 11:59pm (submit as lab 3b)
HW 4 Thurs. Mar 11 at 11:59pm solutions
HW 5--Undergraduates may work in teams of three and graduate students may work in pairs Tues. Apr. 6 at 11:59pm. You will receive 2 points of extra credit for each day you submit it early. Look at /home/bvz/gui/hw/hw5/solutions/src
HW 6 Thurs. Apr 15 at 11:59pm solutions
HW 7 Thurs. Apr 22 at 11:59pm solutions
HW 8 Thurs. Apr 29 at 11:59pm  

Submission Instructions

  1. We will use the generic submit script, 460_submit for undergraduate students and 594gui_submit for graduate students.
  2. Run this program from the directory containing your code/homework to submit.
  3. If you submit a homework with a partner, submit a README file that indicates whom you worked with.

Late Policy

Late homework submissions are not permitted. Please hand in whatever you have completed on the due date. If I have homework solutions I like to post them as soon as possible and late submissions interferes with my ability to provide timely solutions to the class.