Homework Assignments

  1. assignments
  2. submission instructions
  3. late policy


You should work individually on homework assignments. You may discuss the problems with other students but your solutions must be your own. The penalties for plagiarism will be determined by the instructor, and may vary from receiving a 0 on the assignment to an F on the course.

HW Number Due Date Solutions
HW 1 Thursday, Jan. 31 @ 11:59pm ---
HW 2--Undergradutaes may have a partner
  1. Problem 1: Thurs. Feb. 7 at 11:59pm (submit as hw 2a)
  2. Problems 2&3: Thurs. Feb. 14 at 11:59pm (submit as hw 2b)
HW 3--Undergraduates may have a partner
  1. Problem 1: Thurs. Feb. 21 at 11:59pm (submit as hw 3a)
  2. Problem 2: Sun. Feb. 24 at 11:59pm (submit as hw 3b)
HW 4 Tues. Mar. 5 at 11:59pm ---
HW 5--Undergraduates may work in pairs--please make the TA aware if you are working in pairs by emailing him a separate email telling him the names in your pair. Thurs. Apr. 4 at 11:59pm ---
HW6 Thurs. Apr. 11 at 11:59pm ---
HW7 Thurs. Apr. 18 at 11:59pm ---
HW8 Thurs. Apr. 25 at 11:59pm ---

Submission Instructions

  1. We will be using Blackboard for homework submissions. When a homework assignment is divided into 2 parts, there will be separate Blackboard links for the 2 parts.
  2. Undergraduates: If you submit a homework with a partner, submit only one copy and in the Blackboard submission comments box indicate whom you worked with.

Early/Late Policy

  1. Early homework: You can get 5% extra credit by handing in your homework at least 24 hours prior to the submission deadline.
  2. Late homework: You can submit up to 3 days late, but each day will incur a 10% penalty, up to a maximum of 30% if submitted 3 days late.