CS 370

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CS 370 - Intro. to Scientific Computing
Fall Semester 2009, Section 001
MWF 9:05 - 9:55am, Claxton 205

A complete set of CS370 Lecture Notes can be purchased ($12.00) from Graphics Creations at 1809 Lake Avenue.

Click here for a review of topics for Exam I (given on Wed, Oct 1). Exam II (covering Chapters 5-7) is scheduled for Wed, Nov. 12.

Click here for a review of topics for Exam II. The Final Exam (covering Chapters 8 and 9) will be a take home exam which will be given out on Monday, Dec 1 (at the end of class). Exams should be hand delivered to CL318 by noon on Friday, Dec 5.
Instructor Office Hours: Tu (8:30-9:30am) or by appointment, CL318
Teaching Assistant: Andrey Puretskiy, Office Hours: (see Lab Section below), Office Phone 974-4196
Possible online book suppliers for our textbook are: Bookpool, Efollet, and allbookstores.com.
The Lab Section for this class meets in CL103 (Cetus Lab) on Friday from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. This 3-hour period will serve as office hours for the TA to provide guidance and help on all assigned programming tasks. Please email the TA by the end of class each Friday if you plan to attend lab/office hours.

For students who add the course late and do not have a CS login to use machines in the Cetus/Hydra labs, please go to Claxton Complex 106 or Ferris Hall 417 during normal business hours to receive an account. You will need to have your student ID card with you. If you are taking multiple classes, the account will be created for the class listed first.
Exam I is scheduled for Oct 3 and will cover
material from Chapters 1 through 3.