Sample Snapshots of Web Pages for Problems 3 and 4

Please note that your web pages do not need to exactly mimic my webpages. They should have the same type of information and warning messages however. Note that when the user tries to spoof my cgi script by providing an invalid ice cream flavor, I both print an error message and omit the flavor from my count of the number of flavors.

Problem 3 Snapshots

Here is the opening screen shot for both problems 3 and 4:

When the user presses the submit button, here is a sample order confirmation page. In this example I have actually spoofed the cgi script by typing the following URL into the browser window:
In the browser it should all be one line. Here is the screen shot:

Problem 4 Snapshots

In problem 4 you will start with the same initial order page:

You will create two different html pages named icecream_h.html and icecream_c.html that both create this order page. One will call icecream_h.cgi and one will call icecream_c.cgi.

You will save the order information rather than echoing it as you did in problem 3. The next web page you display will ask for credit card information:

You will then retrieve the order information and create a confirmation web page that contains both order and credit card information, as well as a thank you message:

icecream-hidden.cgi and icecream-cookie.cgi will be the scripts responsible for generating the confirmation page.