1. assignments
  2. how to submit assignments
  3. policy on late submissions
  4. plagiarism policy


  1. All assignments are due at 5pm unless otherwise noted.
  2. Red solution links denote solutions that are not yet available; blue solution links denote available solutions.

AssignmentDue DateSolutions
hw1(see below for clarifications)8/31solutions
hw29/9 solutions
hw39/14 solutions
hw49/28 solutions
hw510/5 solutions
hw610/19 solutions
hw811/11 solutions

HW1 Clarifications

  1. On problem 3, to get the images and captions to be roughly the same size as mine, use a width of 300 for the images and a width of 600-700 for the table (the table size will vary a bit depending on your browser). Just try to get the captions close to the width I used--they don't have to be perfect. If you want to get the same spacing between the images and the captions that I achieved, then use hspace="20" in the img tag element.
  2. On problem 4 you will need to use deprecated attributes, such as bgcolor, that a strict XHTML validator will complain about. Therefore should you try to validate your XHTML code, you may ignore warnings about bgcolor and width (the two attributes I needed to complete the assignment). If you want to validate your XHTML code, a good site is http://validator.w3.org/.

How To Submit Your Homework Solutions

You will be using a submit script to submit your homework files. To use the submit script, you will need to change into the working directory of the assignment and run either 460_submit or 565_submit, depending on the class you are enrolled in. The submit scripts run on either the hydra or cetus machines and will interactively lead you through the submission process.

Within a few seconds of completing your submission, you will receive an autoreply from the script.

Late Submissions

10% will be deducted from your homework grade for each day that it is late. A day is measured from the submission time. For example, if the submission time is 5pm on a Wednesday and you submit your assignment at 8pm on Thursday, then 20% will be deducted from your homework grade because the first day runs until 5pm on Thursday, the second day until 5pm on Friday. In general I will not grant extensions unless you are unable to work on the assignment for the bulk of the assignment period (e.g., a medical emergency on the first couple days of the assignment prevents you from attending class or work on assignments for an entire week). If something comes up the day the assignment is due then you will need to submit late and have some points deducted. In other words, it is not a good idea to procrastinate.


  1. It is permissable to talk to other students about your strategy for solving the problems assigned in labs. However, any code and any written material you submit must be written exclusively by you or provided by Professor Vander Zanden. Note that the word "exclusively" means that you may not use code written by anyone else, including but not limited to former or current students. Failure to follow this guideline is considered plagiarism.

  2. It is not permissable to give code or written material that solves or partially solves a lab assignment to another student. Doing so is considered plagiarism. If you leave your directories or files publicly readable, we will consider that to be evidence that you have voluntarily given your code or written material to other students. Therefore you should read protect all directories and files associated with this course. If you have a directory named cs460 then you can read and write protect it using the following command:
    	UNIX> chmod 0700 ~/cs460

  3. Plagiarism will be dealt with harshly. At best you will receive a 0. At worst you will be referred to the office of student affairs for academic misconduct.