Lecture Notes


Assigned Readings


  1. Web page building blocks
  2. Basic XHTML elements
  3. Visual formatting of XHTML elements
  4. Creating URL links
  5. Inserting images into web pages
  6. Creating xhtml lists
  7. Handy reference of xhtml terms
Introduction to XHTML
  1. Creating xhtml tables
  2. w3schools.com: Cascading Style Sheets: Go to "Learn CSS" and read carefully through "CSS How To" and skim through "CSS Table".
Tables and Cascading Style Sheets
1/17 Creating xhtml forms Cascading Style Sheets cont. and XHTML forms
1/22 Perl Basics and Regular Expressions
1/24 O'Reilly: Perl and CGI Regular Expressions cont. and Perl CGI scripts
  1. Perl Reference Variables
  2. O'Reilly: Perl and CGI
  3. Saving Session Information
Perl and CGI
  1. Perl File Commands
  2. Perl System Commands
Manipulating File Systems with Perl
  1. XML Tutorial-Read the Learn XML section
  2. XML--late notes for today that complement the w3 school notes.
XML Basics
2/14, 19
  1. XML Tutorial-Read the following sections:
    1. Learn XSL
    2. Learn XSLT
    3. Learn XPath
  2. My notes on XPATH
  3. Sorting in XSLT
  4. sample xml file and sample xslt file for displaying it.
  5. Display of special chars
Visual presentation of XML content
2/19 My notes on XSLT Visual presentation of XML content
  1. XML Tutorial-Read the section on DTD
  2. My DTD notes
Defining XML content
2/26 None Midterm
  1. XML Tutorial-Read the section on Schemas
Defining XML content
  1. PHP Tutorial-Read the PHP Basics section through PHP functions
  2. Introduction to PHP
  3. Getting Started in PHP
  4. PHP Variables and Types
  5. Brad's Cliff Notes Version of PHP
  6. Geoff Mazeroff's Cliff Notes Version of PHP
PHP Basics
  1. PHP Tutorial
    • Read the PHP Basics section from PHP Forms to the end
    • PHP Cookies
    • PHP Sessions
  2. Handling Forms
Handling Forms in PHP
3/11 PHP Tutorial: Read the PHP XML section. Handling XML in PHP
3/13, 3/25
  1. My notes on XML parsing
  2. XML parser code examples
PHP XML parsers
  1. w3schools SQL Tutorial. Read all the SQL Basic, play with the SQL demo, and read the following topics in the advanced section:
    • SQL Order By
    • SQL and & or
    • SQL In
    • SQL Between
    • SQL Join
    • SQL Create
  2. My SQL Notes
Introduction to SQL
  1. PHP SQL-Read the PHP SQL section up to MySQL Delete.
  2. my PHP SQL notes
PHP interface to mySQL
  1. w3 schools JavaScript notes up to, and including, JS Events.
  2. my JavaScript notes
Introduction to JavaScript
4/10 Arrays, Functions, and Objects JavaScript continued
4/15, 4/17 Forms and form validation Forms
  1. Regular Expressions
  2. w3schools Ajax tutorial
Regular expressions and Ajax
4/24 My Ajax notes Ajax continued
4/30 Final Exam
  1. 2:45pm-4:45pm
  2. Non-cumulative