1. Program Correctness (75%): The programs do everything that the lab requires. It is possible to get partial credit on this lab by completing certain steps but not others. If you have a question about how a program handles a certain input, check the executables that have been provided. Subtract 50 points if students do not use a hash table to implement the search structure.
    1. Correctly calculates the tablesize (5 points)
    2. Correctly assigns names to the correct buckets (20 points))
    3. Correctly handles multiple score files (5 points)
    4. Output is correctly formatted (5 points)
    5. Correctly indicates whether or not a person is in the score files (15 points)
    6. Correctly prints the information associated with a particular person (15 points)
    7. Error checking (10 points)

  2. Commenting (15%): See the commenting information on the course's web page for advice on how to comment your programs,

  3. Program Style (10%): Are the programs well-organized and do they solve the problem in the most straightforward, efficient