CS140 -- Tests

Midterm Dates

Makeup Policy

No makeup exams are given. If you have a valid written excuse, such as a doctor's note, then your grade will be based on a weighted average of the remaining exams. If you miss a midterm then your two remaining midterms will count for all of your midterm grade. If you miss the final then your midterms will determine all of your exam grade.

If you do not have a valid written excuse then your final course grade will be lowered by half a grade. For example, if your weighted grades would give you an A for the course you will receive a B+ and if they would give you a B+ you will receive a B. Your exam grade will be based on a weighted average of the remaining exams as described above.

Old Midterms

I gave these midterms in previous versions of CS140. Be forewarned. I have had past students who studied previous exams but not the overall material in the course. They were burned when the style and content of the exam did not completely conform to the previous exams.

Old Finals

There is no final in this course but the exams below might help you prepare for the later midterms. The same warning that applied to the midterms applies to these finals.