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L O'Donnell: white matter fiber tracts served as a visiting faculty in Harvard Medical School's Department of Radiology and is a member of the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center and an affiliate with the NIH Neuroimage Analysis Center (NAC). CV

Research  The Banks Laboratory's research in computational medicine includes simulation and visualization of biomedical data from the scale of molecules to cells to tissue. Motivating questions include the following.

  • What does the brain look like as it responds to injury?
  • How can computational simulations of physical processes be visualized?
  • What is the essence of visualizing abstract data?

PhD Students   Individuals interested in pursuing a PhD with Prof Banks should send an email describing their research interests, including a pointer to their web page containing examples of their work and a list of courses taken.

Former students and post-docs have taken positions in industry (Pixar Animation Studios, Rhythm and Hues Studios, nVidia, Apple, ESPN Games, Intel, Lattice Semiconductor, Microsoft), in government labs (ORNL, Sandia, NASA Langley Research Center, Army Corps of Engineers), and in academia (UTK, FSU, Lehigh).

Questions about graduate admission (how to apply; when is the deadline; what financial assistance is available) should be directed to