ECE 551 -- What's New ?

New Items Will Be Added Here As Needed

Setting permissions on files

First, see what permissions are currently set by typing:

ll .*

-rw-r--r-- .htaccess
-rw-r--r-- .htpasswd
drwxr-xr-x 551

If you need to change the permissions, then type:

chmod 655 .ht*

chmod 755 551

Using "mail" on the ada machines

First use an editor to create a file (e.g. file8).

Then, type:


Subject: my paragraph

~r file8


cc: your_username


Setting up Putty

Be sure to leave the following item unchecked: SSH-->Auth-->Attempt GSSAPI auth (SSH-2)

Using Firefox

On the UNIX workstations, type "firefox &" to use the latest version.

Xterm Window with Bold fonts

On the UNIX workstations, type: xterm -geometry 100x25+10+10 -fn 9x15bold &

Grabing a screen image

On the UNIX workstations, use "xv" and click on "grab".
You can then crop it and save it.

On a PC, hit SHIFT-PRINT SCREEN simultaneously.
Then select "PROGRAMS-->ACCESSORIES-->PAINT" and paste the screen into the file.
You can then crop it and save it.

Converting gif to ps

convert original.gif

Resource Management

Many of you are leaving processes running unintentionally.

To see what is running, login to a machine (
and type:

    ps -fu username

To kill a process, type:  kill -9 PID    where PID was shown when you
typed the ps command.

To check the resource usage on a machine, just type:  top

To exit "top", hit control-C.

When there are many users and you want to be nice to them, you can
set the resource usage level of your process by typing:

   nice +5 command &

The number between "nice" and "command" can be up to 19 (which is being
VERY nice).

Example command: icfb &

Free Powerpoint Viewer

Powerpoint Viewer
Then, search for "ppt viewer" to find one for a PC or MAC.

Disk Space Management

  • To determine your quota:
    quota -v
  • To compress a file:
    gzip filename
  • To uncompress a filename.Z:
    gunzip filename.Z
  • To compress a file:
    compress filename
  • To uncompress a filename.Z:
    uncompress filename.Z
  • To compress and encode a file:
    compress; uuencode >
  • To decode and uncompress a file:
    uudecode; uncompress
  • To tar a subdirectory given "vlsi/*.ps", first cd above vlsi, then:
    tar cvf vlsi.tar vlsi; gzip vlsi.tar
    This creates: vlsi.tar.gz
  • To uncompress and untar a directory of files given "vlsi.tar.gz":
    gunzip -c vlsi.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    This creates: vlsi/*.ps


    WinSCP: Secure Copy for Windows


    ftp remote_machine
    Name: anonymous
    Password: [your email address]
    ftp> cd pub
    ftp> binary
    ftp> put
    ftp> get
    ftp> bye