ECE 651 -- Syllabus -- Fall 2011

Tues/Thurs--2:10-3:25 p.m. in 510 FH
Session DateTopic
0108/18/ThuIntroduction to VLSI Systems; Moore's Law (2011)
0208/23/TueHW1; CMOS Modeling; Harris#0; Harris#24
0308/25/ThuBasic Logic Circuits; Harris#3
0408/30/TueCustom Layout; HW2
0509/01/ThuLeaf Cell Design Flow
0609/06/TuePre-Layout & Post-Layout Simulation; Harris#8
0709/08/ThuRules for Datapath Cells; HW3
0809/13/TueLoading and Wiring Delays; Harris#5; Harris#6 HW4
0909/15/ThuRules for Standard-height Cells; HW5
1009/20/TueP&R; Soft Macros; Cell Characterization; HW6
1109/22/ThuLeafcell Generators; HW8
1209/27/TueNo Class (miss# 1)
--09/29/ThuNo Class (Fall Break)
1310/04/TuePlace & Route
1410/06/ThuPhysical Synthesis
1510/11/TueIP Patents; Patent Search
1610/13/ThuDomino Logic; Harris#10; Metastability
1710/18/Tue Staged Driving; Harris#6; Clock Tree Synthesis; clock-tree; HW9
1810/20/Thu Using Nanosim; HW10
1910/25/Tue Latchup and ESD
2010/27/Thu Analog Kit; Switched-Capacitor Circuits; Filters
2111/01/Tue Static Timing Analysis; Signal Integrity; HW11
2211/03/Thu Analog Design; Analog Issues; HW7
2311/08/Tue SystemC; SystemC Tutorial; SystemVerilog; Constrained-Random
2411/10/Thu SeamlessCVE; Platform Express; Px; Trusted ICs; Kill Switch
2511/15/TueIC Careers; Carson Fischer; HK-MG; Tri-Gate; More-than-Moore; CMP; 45-nm fab
2611/17/Thu Chartered; Global Foundries; ITRS; Variability; DFY; RAZOR; 50-core IC
2711/22/TueNo Class (miss# 2)
--11/24/ThuNo Class (Thanksgiving)
2811/29/TueNo Class (miss# 3); All Homework Due 12/1/Thu-noon
2912/08/ThuFinal Exam (2:45-4:45 p.m.)


Final Exam

No reference material or scratch paper may be used during the final exam which will cover the topics discussed in class.


Students may consult others about possible solutions but may not copy from one another directly.

Late Work:

Each assignment is due at the beginning of class. Assigned work that is received late but within the subsequent 24 hours will be discounted 30%. Thereafter, each 24-hour period will necessitate an additional 10% penalty. Saturday and Sunday are considered one period. No work will be accepted after 12/01/Thursday at noon.


I adhere strictly to this statement from the UTK catalog: "I" indicates that the student has done satisfactory work in the course, but because of circumstances beyond his control has been unable to finish all requirements. It is not to be given to enable a student to do additional work to bring up a deficient grade.