The successful candidate will work independently on novel projects involving the synthesis and characterization of two-dimensional (2D) materials, as well as electronic devices based on these materials. Building and maintaining laboratory facilities and infrastructure is an important part of the job.

Minimum/Required Qualifications:

PhD in electrical engineering, physics, or materials science. Hands-on, in-depth experience with vacuum systems, material growth (esp. CVD), and material characterization (SEM, AFM, TEM, etc). We are not necessarily seeking direct experience in 2D materials synthesis. Construction of CVD or other vacuum systems and handling of gaseous, liquid, and solid precursors are all relevant experiences to be leveraged in the projects. Experience with semiconductor CVD will be seriously considered.

Preferred/Desired Qualifications:

Basic semiconductor processing techniques and working knowledge of semiconductor processing and device fabrication. Cleanroom experience including photolithography and e-beam lithography. Sound background knowledge in solid-state physics is highly desired due to the exploratory nature of the projects.

Apply to:

Gong Gu (ggu1@utk.edu).

Apply with:

Resume, research statement (describing research experience and career plan), and two reference letters.


Rewards include the joy of working on exciting ideas as well as high-impact publications.

Start Date:

As soon as possible. (Position open until filled.)