From: Craig Oakley
Subject: RE: Origami compound of 5 tetrahedrons.
To: "Jim Plank" 

This one took about 20 hours to complete, was done with cutting, but no
gluing.  This is the second one I created, the first (white, with blue
centre's and yellow bracers) was done without cutting the ends.  I found
the points got very thick.

To assemble without glue I found requires paper clips to hold the centre
stars together during assembly, but these can be removed once the model
is complete.

Dimensions of pieces (in mm's Type A (120 x 60), Type B (65 x 49), Type
C (67 x 50)).

I will take photos of the other one (white, blue and yellow) tonight.

Other notes on assembly that may help others:

- First assemble the 12 centre 5 point stars (type b pieces).  Hold
  stars together with glue or paper clips.

- Assemble one brace piece (type c) between two point pieces (type
  a's) and connect into the star centres.  It is easier to insert the
  brace pieces into the point pieces before they are anchored into
  the star centres.

- Only connect the 3 pieces that make a point (type a) once all three
  pieces that make the point are connected into star centres.

- There are 20 points which can be viewed as being in 4 layers.
  Assemble and connect all 5 points of each layer before continuing
  to the next layer.

- Once the model is complete, if using paper clips, the clips can be