Test Cases Library of Power System Sustained Oscillations

Base case (Back to the homepage)

This is the base case. All test cases are developed from this case.

System model:

  • All generators are in GENCLS model. That is a classic second differential order model of generator reflecting the motion of the rotor.
  • Parameter D for all generators equals 4.
  • All loads are in constant MVA model.

  • Note that (i) generator inertia data were created referring to the WECC system, which may not match the real Western Interconnection system; (ii) damping parameter D for each generator was artificially created.

    Eigenanalysis, modes shape and sensitivities:

  • All natural modes have reasonably good damping.
  • Detailed results are here (Eigenanalysis base case.xls), including the sensitivity of real part of eigenvalues with respect to the damping parameter D of all generators.

  • Mountain View

    Figure 1. WECC 179-bus power system