2018 IEEE PES General Meeting Panel Session: Finding the Sources of Sustained Oscillations - From Theory to Industry Practice

Wednesday August 8 8:00am - 12:00pm, Portland, OR

The panel was chaired by Qiang (Frankie) Zhang and Ning Zhou under the IEEE Power System Dynamic Performance (PSDP) committee.

Presenter Paper No. & Title
Kai Sun (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) 15PESGM563 - Test Cases Library and Real-life Oscillation Examples (slides)
Lei Chen (Tsinghua University, Beijing) 15PESGM564 - How to Distinguish and Study Forced Oscillations (slides)
Sukumar Kamalasadan (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) and Luke Dosiek (Union College) 15PESGM565,15PESGM562 -Theoretical Perspective of the Forced Oscillations and Their Signatures (slides)
Dan Trudnowski (Montana Tech) 15PESGM561 - Available Methods, Algorithms and Tools for Oscillation Detection and Source Location (slides)
Mani Venkatasubramanian (Washington State University) 15PESGM566 - Analysis of Eastern Interconnection Wide Area Oscillation Events (slides)
Ryan Quint (NERC) 15PESGM567 - Ensuring Reliability using Forced Oscillation Monitoring and Mitigation (slides)
Hongming Zhang (PEAK-RC) 15PESGM568 - Oscillation Source Location at PEAK-RC(slides)
Slava Maslennikov (ISO New England) 15PESGM569 - Oscillation Source Location and Mitigation Measures in Daily ISO-NE Operations (slides)

2016 IEEE PES General Meeting Tutorial: Use of Synchrophasors in Grid Operations - From Oscillation Source Detection to Other Use Cases

Tuesday July 19 8:00am - 5:00pm, Boston, MA

This two-part tutorial takes a progressive approach to introducing the use of synchrophasors in the daily power system operations. First part will demonstrate the path from research to operations through a specific use case - oscillation source detection and forced oscillations. Second part will give the audience a bigger picture by introducing more use cases and sharing experiences in various implementations. Oscillation Monitor, as one of the most successful applications of the synchrophasor technology, has discovered many "new" oscillatory behaviors that could not be reproduced by model based analyses. Among them, forced oscillations are the most common ones. This tutorial will define forced and natural oscillations, present source detection methods and discuss practical issues when integrating it into operating procedures. After the oscillation source example, more use cases and integration/operational experiences of using synchrophasors in managing the grid will be presented in this tutorial. The audience will learn the real problems faced by the utilities, practical considerations in integration, and values that the synchrophasor technology can bring.

Instructors Morning Session: Oscillation Source Detection
Frankie Qiang Zhang (ISO New England) An Introduction to the Problem of Oscillation Source Location (slides)
John Pierre (University of Wyoming) Fundamentals of Forced Oscillation Detection (slides)
Dan Trudnowski (Montana Tech) The characteristics of forced oscillations in power systems (slides)
Mani Venkatasubramanian (Washington State University) Detection, Location, and Resonance Analysis of Forced Oscillations (slides)
Lei Chen (Tsinghua University) The Energy Flow Approach for Oscillation Source Location and Damping Evaluation (slides)
Douglas Wilson (GE) Oscillation Source Location by Mode Phase (slides)
Slava Maslennikov (ISO New England) Testing and Implementation of a Source Locating method at ISO New England (slides)
Kai Sun (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) Locating the Source of Sustained Oscillation (slides)
Instructors Afternoon Session: Use Cases
Kevin D. Jones (Dominion) Why You Need a "Nathan" or How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Synchrophasor Integration (slides)
Sarma Nuthalapati (Texas A&M University)
and Bill Blevins (ERCOT)
Synchrophasor Technology - PMU Use Case Examples (slides)
Dmitry Kosterev, Ashley Donahoo, Nick Leitschuh (BPA),
Jeff Dagle, Frank Tuffner (PNNL)
and Dan Trudnowski (Montana Tech)
Deployment and Initial Experience with Oscillation Detection Application at Bonneville Power Administration (slides)
Austin White (OG&E) Synchrophasors at Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (slides)
Tim Bradberry, Megan Vutsinas and Kat Sico (Duke Energy) Experiences of Using Synchrophasors at Duke Energy (slides)