CS302: Fundamental Algorithms

Claxton 206
Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:10 - 3:25

Fall 2003

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Instructor: Prof. Lynne E. Parker


Adam Graham:

Alphons Immanuel:

Class Mailing List: cs302 at klutz.cs.utk.edu

Course Description: CS302 provides an in-depth study of the design, analysis, and implementation of fundamental algorithms, such as sorting and searching, and their data structures. Specifically, CS302 is a bridge course between CS140 and CS360 that gives you b oth: 1) a more in-depth knowledge of many of the data structures and algorithms presented in CS140, and 2) additional programming experience that will be valuable in CS360. The goals of this course are to:

  1. Acquire a mastery of a variety of algorithms fundamental to computer programming by building on the data structures and algorithms learned in CS140.

  2. Acquire a familiarity with object-oriented programming by writing and debugging programs in C++.

  3. Acquire a familiarity with a variety of Unix tools that aid in writing and debugging programs.

  4. Learn more about algorithm analysis.

A 3 hour lab is required.

Prerequisites: CS140 and CS160.

Required Textbooks:

Refer to Syllabus for more information.
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