5th International Symposium on 
Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems

DARS 2000 Instructions for Authors
for Final, Camera-Ready Papers

Papers published in DARS 2000 must be original, previously unpublished work. The following format must be used for the final, camera-ready papers. Please note that the conference proceedings will be published in a monolithic book-form by Springer, and the publisher has very strict requirements on the appearance of the papers in the proceedings. Thus, papers not meeting this format might not be published in DARS 2000.

Camera-ready LaTex2e style files and an example paper are available here. (These are slightly revised from the original submission format, to omit the running head and page numbers.)

Note that all accepted papers must be presented by an author at the symposium. Early registration (by May 31, 2000) is REQUIRED for the presenting author.

  1. An electronic version (or pointer thereto) and TWO hard copies of each camera-ready paper should be sent (to arrive by May 31, 2000 -- hard deadline, no extensions) to:  

    Dr. Lynne E. Parker
    DARS 2000
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    P.O. Box 2008
    Bethel Valley Road, Building 6010, Room 213
    Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6355 USA
    Phone: +1-865-241-4959
    Fax: +1-865-574-0405
    Email:  ParkerLE@ornl.gov

  2. An electronic version of your camera-ready paper must be made available by May 31, 2000. It must be in either MS Word or Latex format, with postscript figures. (If these formats are a hardship for you, please inform us in advance.) If needed, use standard compression and encoding utilities. You can either email the electronic version as a mail attachment or email a pointer to an ftp site where the paper can be downloaded. Emails should be directed to ParkerLE@ornl.gov. Please include instructions indicating the contents of all files. In your email, the subject line should include your assigned paper code.

  3. Since the official conference language is English, the paper must be written in English. Please also have a native speaker read your paper to improve your language's quality.

  4. The paper should not exceed 10 pages including illustrations and references.

  5. The paper should omit page numbers and running headers/footers.

  6. The first page of the paper should include the paper title, the authors' names, their affiliations, their email addresses, an abstract of the paper (within 250 words) and key words (up to 5).

  7. Typing area: 189mm height x 117mm width. (This will be the actual published size.)

  8. The text should be typed with single line spacing in a single column format. Double line spacing is required between paragraphs. Every new paragraph should begin at the left guideline (i.e., indentation is not necessary).

  9. The size 10pt Times Roman should be used for your document.

  10. Use only white paper with at least a 600dpi laser printer with a strong envelope for mailing. If no printer is available please contact us for further information.

  11. Due to the expense, no color illustrations or highlighting can be accommodated. Please prepare your paper for gray-scale publication only.

  12. Title: Start in the upper left corner with the title of the manuscript. Leave two line spaces under the title of the manuscript, then type on one line the full name(s) of the author(s) including initial(s). Leave one line space and type the address(es) and email address(es).

  13. Headings: Start at the left guideline of the typing area. Use capitals for the initial letters only. Leave two line spaces above and one line below the headings.

  14. Figures: All photographs, graphs, and diagrams are referred to as figures and should be numbered consecutively throughout. Graphs and line drawings should be mounted directly in the text. Each figure should be briefly and clearly described in legends. Figure legends should be typed in the form "Fig. 1" below the figure, in single spacing, each new line beginning at the left guideline of the typing area. Provide two line spaces above the figure, one line space between the figure and the legend, and two line spaces between the legend and the text. Only at the beginning of a sentence in the text should the word "Figure" be spelled out.

  15. References: Cite references in the text by numbers in square bracket, e.g., [7]. In the reference section, references should be listed in the order in which they are first cited in the text. The references should be typed in single spacing according to the following formats:


Important Dates:

Camera-ready Manuscript Due:  May 31, 2000

Early registration (REQUIRED) for presenting author: May 31, 2000


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