I am a PhD student under Dr. Jian Huang, a graduate research assistant at Seelab, an enthusiast web developer and a hobbyist photographer. I post links to some of my experimental ideas here.

I'm Mohammad Raji, a PhD student at UT. I got my bachelor's degree and master's degree from Razi University and worked on software package modularity and stability metrics there. I've also had the privilege of working at Creative Investment Technologies as a web developer. I am currently a graduate research assistant at UT under Dr. Jian Huang where I work on my passion of data visualization. More information about the individual projects, I've worked on can be found in my resume.
Office: Min Kao, 314,
Tel: 865-387-1890
mahmadza AT vols.utk.edu
Litmus: Simplified exploration of large multivariate spatio-temporal data
Litmus is a visualization system that simplifies the exploration of large multivariate spatio-temporal data. Litmus deduces a graph based on the relationships between values in the physical space, performs graph analysis to extract important features and then visualizes the results in the image space through a web-based frontend.

WebGL light source experiment
What would happen if you take the light source out from a scene and put it in the hands of the viewer (literally)? This was the main idea of my final project for the computer graphics course and here is a teaser gif of the results.

A course project visualizing tweets of topics and how they change over time.
Project page | Demo
Geospatial data and WebGL
This is an experiment with the NYC traffic accidents dataset and WebGL. The size of each point on the map represents the number of injuries in the accident.
TimeMiner is a group project that analyzes Wikipedia article edits over time to generate a timeline of events.
Project page
A fully automatic time tracker with python that logs the title of focued windows. Untiming can log the title of the applications that you've been working on and provide you with query based reports (in text and bar charts)..
Project page