CS 112 - Class Policies
Spring Semester 1997

WELCOME: Congratulations on your successful completion of CS 102 (or equivalent) and welcome to a more advanced study of one of the most important topics in computer science: data structures. The design and implementation of data structures can be considered both an art and a science. During this course you will develop the critical thinking skills needed to solve complex real-world problems from a variety of disciplines. This course is conducted according to departmental policy which is observed by all professors and graduate teaching assistants who participate in it. In order to succeed in this course, all registered students are asked to observe the following:

ATTENDANCE: Attendance at lectures is mandatory in order to succeed in this class. Attendance may not be taken every lecture but it will definitely be taken for each laboratory period. Numerous absences to lecture and lab will be grounds for failure in this course.

GRADING: Points are awarded throughout the term for performance on quizzes, labs, and the final exam. Quizzes comprised of one or two questions will be given in-class on a biweekly basis. The tentative point distribution and grading are as follows:

Laboratory Work 20% 90.00-100A
Quiz Average45%80.00-89.99B
Final Exam30%70.0-79.99C
Discretionary points,attendance,etc. 5%60.0-69.99 D
below 60.0F

RE-GRADING REQUESTS: If you think your quiz/exam has been misgraded, return your graded quiz/exam and a standard piece of paper with your user name and your complaint plainly and concisely stated. Either give them to the instructor (Dr. Berry) or have them put in his mailbox in Ayres 107. You may question the correctness of your answer but not the number of points deducted for a particular answer. Your entire quiz/exam will be re-evaluated and returned to you within a week. All requests for regrading exams must be submitted by the end of the next class period after the quizzes/exams are returned.

MAKE-UP QUIZZES: There is no such thing. All quizzes are required, and you should make every effort to be in class to take them. In the event that you have an emergency beyond your control, please notify Dr. Berry in advance. To do this, call the CS office at 974-5067 and leave a message or send email to At the next lecture period, you must submit a written statement explaining why you missed the quiz, and attach written verification. Be warned: only the noblest of excuses will be accepted. IMPORTANT: missing a quiz constitutes a ZERO score which cannot be removed or replaced.

INCOMPLETES: No incompletes will be given and no audits are allowed. Any request for a late drop must be submitted to the Advising Center of your college. The CS department strongly opposes late drops.

ACADEMIC DISHONESTY: Any student found cheating will be given a grade of F for the course.

LABORATORIES: Attendance at labs is mandatory, and you must attend your own lab session. All missed labs must be made up, and done so within ten days. Any lab not made up will result in a grade of ZERO for that lab. It is imperative that labs be completed in sequence. Therefore, if you miss a lab, work on it before continuing on with the next one. Your account is for CS class work ONLY. It will disappear at the end of the semester.

OFFICE HOURS: Teaching assistants will be available during scheduled hours to answer questions about the material covered in class and in the labs. The place and hours will be announced in class.

FINAL EXAM: The final exam for CS112 is scheduled for Thursday, May 8 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. This is the day/time posted in the UTK Spring 1997 Schedule of Classes.