CS 112 - Lab 5

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Friday Lab Section (check one): [ ] 8:00am-11:00am

[ ] 11:10pm-2:10pm

Provide answers (on this sheet) to the questions below, and hand them to the TAs at the beginning of Lab 6 on Friday, March 14.

  1. If you had a singly linked list with no current position pointer, how would you expect the number of visits field to change?
  2. Suppose you wanted to break down the number of visits field in the node structure so it reflected not the total visits but the number of times a node was visited during deletions only, and insertions only, etc. How would you change your program to do this?
  3. If you make a change to an include file, how do you guarantee that "make" will know that it has to recompile all files that include this file?