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CS 365 - Programming Languages
Spring Semester 2005, Section 31252
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:40 - 10:55am, Claxton 206

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Instructor: M.W. Berry
Office Hours: We (1:30-2:30pm), CL318, Phone: 974-3838, 974-5067
Teaching Assistant: Yuan Yuan Li
Office Hours: Mo (1-2:30pm), Claxton 125, Phone: 974-6852
Possible online book suppliers for our textbook are: BookFinder4U, Bookpool, Efollet, Chambal, allbookstores.com, and booksprice.com.
The Gzip home page has helpful information about gzip
on multiple platforms (Windows, Apple, DOS, OS2, Linux, BeOS, etc.)

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Course Project Milestones:

Task Completion Date
UML Design of Level I Specs March   3 (Th)
Email parser completed March 17 (Th)
Ranked return list completed March 24 (Th)
User's query terms highlighted March 31 (Th)
Return list output to textfile April     7 (Th)
GUI completed April   14 (Th)
Online documentation completed April   21 (Th)
Lab Testing/Feedback April   26 (Tu)

Software Submission April   28 (Th), midnight
Class Presentation May     3 (Tu), 10:15am