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CS 365 - Programming Languages
Spring Semester 2005, Section 31252

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Course Project Materials: (password-protected)
  • 2001 Enron Email Directory This is a subset of a original collection of 517,431 electronic mail messages (from 150 Enron employees) covering a period from December 1979 to February 2004. This subset comprises 37,557 messages sent in the calendar year 2001; only the mail folders created by each employee are included and standard mail folders such as inbox, deleted_items, sent etc. are ignored.
  • Enron Stoplist (unimportant words or word fragments that should not be indexed).
  • Client Narrative (lists Level I, II, III specifications for all projects. All projects must meet Level I specifications for full credit. Levels II and III constitute bonus points, i.e., extra credit).
  • Enron Background (timeline of events and important people and terms).
  • Interface Layout (schematic of user inputs and output displays; groups are free to propose alternative interface designs).

Course Project Groups:
Group Names
1 Mollenhour, Russell, Warren
2 Kim, Jones, Sammons
3 Burbar, Hmielewski, McNabb
4 Fournadjiev, Johnson, Ware
5 Daub, Freeman, Greene
6 Benson, Chan, Esposito ,Ott
7 Puckett, Rankin
8 Affolder, Gonzales, Newman
9 Estes
10 Seligstein

Lecture Notes: (in MS PowerPoint; password-protected)