MA/CS 371 - Numerical Algorithms I
Spring Semester 1996

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Home Page: Michael W. Berry
Phone: 4-3838
Office: Ayres 114
Office Hours: Tu,Th 8:30-9:30am
Email: berry@cs.utk.edu

Teaching Assistant:
Home Page: J. Michael Hammond
Phone: 4-6433
Office: Ayres 1
Office Hours: Tu, Wed 11-12, Wed 5-6pm
Email: hammond@cs.utk.edu

* Classroom/Laboratory Session

Spring 1996 Schedule
Lecture Laboratory
Day(s) Tu, Th Th
Time 9:40-10:55am 5:45pm-8:45pm
Room Ayres 125 Ayres 15 (E. Basement)

* Textbook

Numerical Mathematics and Computing (Third Edition) by W. Cheney and D. Kincaid (Brooks/Cole) 1994, ISBN 0-534-20112-1.

Click here for on-line Fortran-77 source code from Netlib.

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