MA/CS 371 - Course Description

In this course, we explore the use of numerical methods for solving problems arising in scientific applications. In the context of these scientific applications, our intent is to close the gap between computational techniques taught in physics, chemistry, and engineering courses and the programming skills required by a practicing scientist. This course should motivate students to consider careers in parallel and scientific computing. The three credit hours for this course comprise two 1-hour lectures plus a 3-hour laboratory session per week. Laboratory instruction will focus on assigned computer programming exercises using the MATLAB programming environment for producing symbolic, numeric, and graphical results. A CS graduate student TA will provide laboratory instruction and aid students in mastering all lab equipment (Sun SPARCstations) and MATLAB.

MA/CS 371 - Course Prerequisites

MA 231 (Differential Equations I), MA 241 (Calculus III) or MA 247 (Honors: Calculus III), and MA 251 (Matrix Algebra) or MA 257 (Honors: Matrix Algebra) , and some experience with a high-level programming language (e.g., Fortran, C).

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