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Sequential Everglades Model

  SIMPDEL is a spatially-explicit individual-based simulation model developed to analyze the effects of alternative water management strategies on the long-term populations of white-tailed deer and Florida panther in the Florida Everglades. An individual-based model is one in which each member of a population (and its interactions with other members) is simulated individually [DG92]. There are four tightly coupled components of the SIMPDEL model: hydrology, vegetation, deer, and panthers. Hydrology inputs influence vegetation growth and restrict animal movement. Deer depend on high quality vegetation for maximum energy intake and growth, and panther depend on deer for prey. The focus of this work is on the first three components: hydrology, vegetation, and deer. For comparison with the parallel implementation, to be described in Section 3, the sequential SIMPDEL program was executed without simulating a panther population.

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