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Hydrology Component

  The water level inputs to the SIMPDEL model were derived from the South Florida Water Management Model (SFWMM), developed by the South Florida Water Management District and Everglades National Park. SFWMM is a large-scale mathematical model of the present network of canals, structures, levees, and pumps that make up the highly managed water system controlling water levels and flows throughout the area [FNJ+94]. The current water level inputs are averaged weekly data from the period 1966 through 1989, although daily data are also available. The spatial level of resolution is at the 2mi scale, which is too coarse to model individual animal movements. Therefore, spatial data interpolation is used to redistribute water levels at the 2mi scale to the 100m scale, based on expected depths for the vegetation types represented in each 2mi cell. This results in a 100m resolution map that approximates the water level in each vegetation cell. Water levels at the 500m scale are then computed by averaging the levels in the 25 constituent 100m cells.

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