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FYS 129 - The Art and Science of Sudoku
Fall Semester (Second Session) 2010, Section 055

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This page contains links to relevant websites for articles, journals, demonstrations, and software for FYS 129 (Section 055) students. The instructor will add more links as the course proceeds and students are welcome to submit links containing content relevant to the course syllabus.

Web Links

Puzzles: Web Sudoku, The Daily SuDoku, USATODAY Sudoku, Sudoku Kingdom

Short Articles: Sudoku, Wolfram MathWorld by Ed Pegg Jr.; Sudoku helps hone logic, thestart.com by Peter Calamai
An Integer Programming Model for the Sudoku Problem by A.C. Barlett and A.N. Langville; sudoku.m Matlab code
Problem-solving bacteria crack sudoku by F. Swain, 11/16/2010, New Scientist