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Recent publications:

Parallel Computation

  • ut-cs-94-245 -- Blocked Data Distribution for the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm on the CRAY T3D. Michael W. Berry, Charles Grassl, and Vijay K. Krishna, 1994.

  • ut-cs-94-221 -- LAPACK Working Note 68: A Parallel Algorithm for the Reduction of a Nonsymmetric Matrix to Block Upper-Hessenberg Form. Michael W. Berry, Jack J. Dongarra, and Youngbae Kim, February 1994. Published in Parallel Computing 21:8 (1995), pp. 1189-1212.

  • ut-cs-94-239 -- LAPACK Working Note 76: Algorithmic Bombardment for the Iterative Solution of Linear Systems: A Poly-Iterative Approach. Richard Barrett, Michael Berry, Jack Dongarra, Victor Eijkhout, and Charles Romine, August 1994. Published in the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 74:1-2, (1996), pp. 91-109.

  • (INRIA RR-494) -- Parallel Computation of the Singular Value Decomposition, M.W. Berry, D. Mezher, P. Bernard, and A. Sameh. In Handbook of Parallel Computing and Statistics, E. Kontoghiorghes (Ed.), Chapman & Hall/CRC Series: Statistics: A Series of Textbooks and Monographs, Boca Raton, FL, (2005), pp. 117-164.

  • Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Modeling. D. Wang, D. Ricciuto, W. Post, and M.W. Berry, In Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing, D. Padua (Ed.), Springer, 2011. (Available August 2011)