SIAM-SEAS JeopardyTM Competition 2001

As part of the 25th Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SouthEastern Atlantic Section (SIAM-SEAS) on March 17, 2001, 13 undergraduate students majoring in mathematics, computer science, or electrial and computer engineering competed in the first SIAM-SEAS JeopardyTM competition. This event was held in the Wall College of Business Building on the campus of Coastal Carolina University (Conway, SC). Representing Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, The Citadel, and The University of Tennessee, each team was required to provide questions to answers (in the spirit of the popular TV game show) from topics in Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Computer Science.

This action-packed event involved two preliminary rounds of competition with the winners of the these rounds meeting in a final round to decide first and second place. All rounds included "Daily Doubles" and a "Final Jeopardy" question. The preliminary round between The University of Tennessee and The Citadel was especially exciting as UT built a commanding lead in questions from Computer Science and Linear Algebra. The 5-member team from The Citadel, however, made an impressive comeback in questions from Integral Calculus.

As with the popular gameshow, incorrect questions to answers forced point deductions and solutions to several computational problems were submitted to a judge for verification. A buzzer system loaned by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Tennessee was used by the teams to signal responses and to determine control of the game. Special thanks to Profs. Mei-Qin Chen (The Citadel), Martha Abell (Georgia Southern), and Chris Cox (Clemson) for their help with game organization, judging, and time keeping.

A slideshow of this event follows the final standings of the competition and roster of each team. Thanks to SIAM for their financial support of this unique (and perhaps soon to become an annual) event! The gameshow "Jeopardy" is a trademark (TM) of Columbia/Tri-star.

Place Team Roster
1st Clemson Clay Jenkins, Charles Swannack
2nd The Citadel Ryan Graham, Robert Harig, Chih-Kuo Lee,
Yow-Chyun Lin, Ying-Jiun Wang
3rd Tennessee Nehal Parikh, James Perkins, Yiheng Yang
4th Coastal Carolina Jimmy Bailey, Margaret Leonard, Brian Richardson

- Michael W. Berry (Organizer)
University of Tennessee

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